A Wide Participation in the WAFF Female Referees Workshop

Tuesday 11/08/2020
The West Asian Football Federation (WAFF) organized a workshop for female referees, on Sunday 9th and Monday 10th of August, under the supervision of AFC and FIFA instructor Ali Al Traifi.

The workshop was held via Zoom Video Communications with a large participation of 45 female referees representing the majority of the associations within WAFF. 

Khalil Al Salem, General Secretary of WAFF, expressed to Al Traifi the appreciation of the WAFF family and all the Member Associations for the valuable information and efforts he provided that had a positive impact on the success of the workshop’s activities and its achievement of the desired gains and objectives.

He also commended the participants and their commitment and eagerness to benefit as much as possible from the workshop, which he hoped would contribute to strengthening their field and administrative experiences in a way that would ensure the upgrading the level of women refereeing in the region in general, and push towards its development and increase its base.

Furthermore, he pointed out that the workshop came in the context of the many programs organized by WAFF at the regional level, with the aim of remaining fully informed of the developments affecting the laws and instructions, particularly the refereeing aspect.

Al Salem referred to the excellent role played by the Women's Committee and the programs it implements that enrich the women's sector, which has a large place in WAFF’s plans through the championships that include all age groups, whether for national teams and clubs, or through the various administrative activities included in its agenda.

On the other hand, Al Traifi appreciates the clear contributions made by the WAFF in the region and its incessant response to holding programs, workshops, and courses targeting all affairs and groups. He praised the participants' interaction within the workshop and their keenness to be provided with information related to the refereeing domain.

Moreover, Amal Bou Shalakh, Vice President of WAFF Women's Committee, inaugurated the workshop and welcomed at its inception the FIFA and AFC instructor Al Traifi and praised his expertise, and thanked the participants for their attendance and keenness to follow up all the details related to refereeing matters, and indicated that this large participation confirms the great development and interest that affected the women’s football.

Bou Shalakh stressed the importance of this workshop in developing the technical and practical expertise of female referees, which is reflected in this sector positively and contributes to its development, whether on the personal level of the participants or at the local level of the federations they represent within WAFF.
She also noted that the WAFF, through the Women's Committee, is always keen to organize targeted workshops and training courses on all sectors and emphasized great importance on the women's sector at the technical and administrative levels, as this pushes towards its development and strengthening the experiences of its employees and practitioners.

Al Traifi reviewed in the workshop the new amendments to the laws of the game and the development that accompanied that due to the long suspension of football after the COVID-19 pandemic, in addition to providing valuable information about refereeing in general.

The workshop also included a presentation of information and videos about refereeing cases, which Al Traifi explained in a simple way, in addition to reviewing what was included in its program in conjunction to the discussion with the participants.

The list of participants in the workshop included the following: 
Palestine: Heba Saadia, Yasmine Nirukh, Alaa Amr, Aya Nashashibi, Hanin Abu Maryam. 
Lebanon: Domouh Albakkar, Hanin Merei, Jana Haidar, Peresia Nasr, Rayan Mamlouk, Nour Keshli. 
Jordan: Hanin Murad, Inas AlMallah, Razan Ghaith, Zain Salem, Israa AlMajali. 
Oman: Aisha AlSaeediya, Zamzam AlHadramiyah, Amna AlAjamiya, Zahra AlArimiya, Ruqayya AlSubhiya. 
Bahrain: Fatima Rabia, Noura Abdullah, Manal Haji, Fatima Mohammed, Fatima AlAmiri. 
UAE: Najat AlBalushi, Amal Bazfari, Kholoud AlZaabi, Alaa Hussein. 
KSA: Sham AlGhamdi, Alaa AlZahrani, Nada AlHajri, Lina AlSubaihi, Silwan Sindi. 
Kuwait: Zainab Awad, Bushra AlDhayan, Sarah Khalaf, Shamayel AlKandari, Maysa Jad. 
Syria: Zarqa, Alissar Badour, Rehab Taiba, Hanin Al Abdullah, Al Yamamah Abu Ras.