Al Salem: WAFF is Interested in eGames

Sunday 02/08/2020

West Asian Football Federation (WAFF) confirmed its interest in including electronic games "eGames” within its agenda, by working to organize tournaments for this type of sports or supervising its contract in cooperation with the national federations.
The General Secretary of the Federation, Khalil Al Salem, pointed out that electronic games have always been attractive considering electronic development and the presence of a large segment of those interested in them. He also stated that the recent period that coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic witnessed an increase of interest in these types of activity.
He also stressed that WAFF is always keen to keep an eye on the developments affecting all sectors, and to put electronic games within its proposed championships to be renewed in 2020, with the aim of diversifying its benefits to be comprehensive, along with its role in organizing field competitive tournaments for all age groups and nationalities or holding workshops and training and administrative courses dealing with all components of football.
The interest in creating a special activity for electronic games at the regional level comes in implementation of the directions of the executive office of WAFF and a translation of the outputs and recommendations of the recent meeting between the federation and all secretaries of the member federations.
WAFF included in its agenda this year, a proposal that includes organizing a first championship for this type of sporting event, which is witnessing a remarkable acceleration in development, and great interest compared to the size of practitioners of this sector from different ages groups and for both genders.
In this context, WAFF reviewed the experience of "FIFA” in organizing tournaments for electronic games.
Meanwhile, Al Salem held a video meeting with Mortez Worlin and Paula Michael from "FIFA”, which discussed the plans and programs implemented by the International Federation at the level of electronic games, which are taking a lot of attention during the current period, specifically since the pandemic halted all sports activities in the world.
Al Salem considered that the experiences of other parties in organizing such championships will contribute in achieving what the federation seeks. Its first championship of such kind at the regional level will be announced soon. This allows obtaining sufficient information regarding the mechanism of its establishment, preparing its instructions and promoting it.