Al Salem appreciates the permanent interaction of the Syrian Federation

Thursday 16/09/2021

Khalil Al Salem, The General Secretary of the West Asian Football Federation (WAFF), valued the permanent and clear interaction shown by the Syrian Federation with the activities and programs that are held at the regional level.

Al Salem conveyed his appreciation to Dr. Ibrahim Abazid the General Secretary of the Syrian Federation, and Qassem Al Hamwi, Executive Director, at the WAFF headquarters in the Jordanian capital, Amman.

Al Salem pointed out that the Syrian Federation has always played great roles in developing and enabling football in the region, as it supports and supports all programs organized by the WAFF, in addition to its keenness to attend and participate in most tournaments.

In turn, Abazid praised the work done by the WAFF towards football in the region and the member associations alike, and considered that the tournaments and activities that it organized over the past years constituted an important platform for the member associations to raise the level of their football.

At the same time, Abazid appreciated the keenness of the WAFF to prepare a rich agenda for this year 2021, after the challenges imposed by the Corona pandemic and the forced pauses and postponements that it caused.

The two parties reviewed the details of the 2021 agenda, which includes the second championship for the U23 teams (1999 and above), which will be hosted by the Saudi Federation during the period from 4 to 12 October 2021, as well as the 8th U15 championship hosted by Saudi Arabia also from 14 to 24 October 2021, in addition to the second U20 WAFF Championship for children (2003 and above), which will be held in Erbil-Iraq from November 21-30, 2021.

In this context, Aba Zeid revealed that the organization of these tournaments is evidence of the responsibility of the WAFF towards implementing its mission and targeted and comprehensive strategies, and stressed that the announcement of the Syrian Federation to participate in all tournaments is a confirmation of its continuity of interaction with the programs and activities held by the WAFF in the region.

Al Salem and Aba zeid also talked about the WAFF’s near and long-term plans, including the 10th WAFF men Championship scheduled from March 20 to April 2, 2023, hosted by the UAE Federation.

In conclusion, the two general secretaries stressed the need to continue joint cooperation between the two federations, in order to achieve the public interest, and to contribute to the development of football in the region, before Aba zeid received from Al Salem a shield of appreciation from the WAFF.