An important participation of Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan women in the Arab Cup

Sunday 29/08/2021
Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan women's football teams are on the cusp of an important participation in the third Arab Cup, which will be held in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, from August 24 to September 6, 2021.

In general, this edition will witness the participation of 7 teams, alongside the trio of the West Asian region: Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Sudan and Algeria. While the teams of Jordan, Algeria and Palestine came in the second group.

The Lebanese team will open its campaign against its Tunisian counterpart at nine in the evening, August 24, Cairo time, which will also witness the match between Egypt and Sudan. The next day, the Jordanian team will make its first appearance against Algeria at the same time.

The Lebanese team will return to meet its Egyptian counterpart at nine in the evening on August 27, which is the day when the two teams of Sudan and Tunisia meet, and then on the 28th that follows will witness the start of the Palestinian team’s journey against Algeria at nine in the evening.

The third and final round of the first round begins on August 30 with two matches, the first between Egypt and Tunisia, and the second between Lebanon and Sudan at nine in the evening, and the round will conclude on August 31 with a confrontation between the Jordanian and Palestinian teams, and its events will start at nine in the evening as well.

The winner and runner-up of each group qualifies for the semi-finals, where the winner of the first group will meet the runner-up of the second group on September 3, while the other two teams will meet on the following day, 4 September, so that the two winners qualify for the final match scheduled at 10 pm on September 6.

Moreover, This is the second edition of the tournament, with the first being held in 2006 in Alexandria and Algeria winning the title.

important station

The Arab Cup is an important stop for the teams of Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine and the rest of the continent’s teams before participating in the qualifiers for the AFC Women’s Asian Cup finals scheduled in India from January 20 to February 6, 2022.

Twenty-eight teams will participate in the qualifiers that start in mid-September 2021, where they are distributed into 8 groups, so that 4 groups include four teams, while 4 groups include three teams, and the first place in each group qualifies to the finals.

The Jordanian team, host of the last edition, was drawn in Group G along with Iran and Bangladesh, while Palestine plays in Group H along with Thailand and Malaysia, while the Lebanese team is in Group D next to Myanmar (host of the group), the Emirates, and Guam.

Meanwhile, The technical staff of the Jordanian national team, led by coach David Nascimento, announced the final list that will participate in the Arab Cup, which includes: Malak Shanak, Sherine Al-Shalabi, Rond Kassab, Mayssa Jbara, Aya Al-Majali, Shahinaz Jibreen, Luna Al-Masry, Inshirah Al-Hiyasat, Al-Anoud Ehab. , Rand Abu Hussein, May Swailem, Baneh Al-Bitar, Rozbhan Farij, Lina Al-Sahib, Lyn Al-Battoush, Enas Al-Jamain, Tala Al-Barghouti, Zina Hazem, Rital Al-Shobaki, Nour Zoukash, Tasneem Selim, Taqi Ghazi, Tasneem Abu Al-Rub.

Nachimento stressed the importance of the Arab Championship, which will constitute a final test before participating in the continental qualifiers in mid-September and pointed out that the names included in the list came in light of the follow-up and monitoring of the players.

For his part, the Palestinian team, led by coach Simon Khair, continues its preparations for the tournament, and for the Asian qualifiers alike.

The Palestinian team held several gatherings and training during the last stage, focusing on the technical and physical aspects, to reach the highest levels of readiness before the Arab Cup and the Asian qualifiers. Palestine is expected to host the matches of its group.

The list of the Palestinian national team for the Arab event includes: Anwar Sheikh, Nour Elyan, Lynn Qaraqra, Nadine Elias, Bissan Abu Eita, Cyrine Ghattas, Aya Khattab, Lana Abd Rabbo, Lauren Tannas, Parthena Qumsiyeh, Caroline Sahjian, Laila Sheikh, Aline Khoury, Miral Al Sars, Jennifer Shatara, Celine Khoury, Dima Saeed, Shaden Abu Al-Zalf, Razan Awad, Tamara Moallem, Siwar Rabah, Isabella Yasmine Al-Ansari, Dima Kayal, Namir Hamad.

In turn, the Lebanese national team, led by coach Wael Gharzeddine, went through a series of intensive preparations, including a training camp in Bhamdoun.

The technical staff of the Lebanese national team chose a list that includes Christy Maalouf, Nour Njeim, Samira Awad, Mira Hoteit, Rhea May Taleb, Sinal Breish, Lamita Dib, Joanne Beaumier, Cynthia Salha, Israa Tofayli, Yara Bou Rada, Rasha Yaghi, Carla Abdel Khalek, Stephanie Al-Kazzi, Evelina Haddad, Haneen Tamim, Rana Mokdad, Dima Al Kasti, Aya Jamaleddine, Nathalie Matar, Waad Raad, Zahwa Orabi.