Great praise for the contents of the workshop on integrity and match-fixing

Friday 23/07/2021
Participants in the workshop on integrity and match-fixing, organized by the West Asian Football Federation (WAFF) and Sportradar Integrity Services, praised the contents of the workshop.
The Member Associations of WAFF and the relevant bodies in the region, stressed that the workshop provided important outputs that contributed to strengthening the concepts of sports integrity inside and outside the stadium. Many of the topics and themes it dealt with covered sports betting and match-manipulation, in addition to highlighting best practice on social media.
The two workshops, which were held via video technology on 6 and 13 July 2021, were organized by WAFF and Sportradar within the agreement concluded between them, and for the purposes of providing a platform for delivering education regarding international sports betting and match-fixing.
During the workshop, the representative of Sportradar, Diaa Salah, spoke about sports betting and ways to fulfill integrity obligations both inside and outside the stadium. In addition, he spoke about the role of social media in consolidating the principles of sports integrity and provided vivid examples of this through the practices of some pioneers of social media platforms. He also touched upon the positive and negative impact on their followers, and the importance of verifying fake and authenticated accounts, especially for famous athletes.
Khalil Al Salem, General Secretary of WAFF, renewed his appreciation for Sportradar's great cooperation and for harnessing their expertise and transferring it to the region, and its keenness to protect football and sports in general from corruption.
At the end of the workshop, Orouba Al Husseini, the Director of Administrative Affairs at WAFF, reiterated that the federation sensed a clear interaction during the workshop between the participants, who conveyed to the federation their appreciation to Sportradar, and the valuable information that was shared.