Prince Ali: We look with optimism for the Asian football family during 2022

Monday 27/12/2021
HRH Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein, President of the West Asian Football Federation, expressed his hope that the coming year 2022 will be more optimistic for the Asian football family.

This came in a letter from His Highness to the heads of the Central Asian Federation Rustam Emomali, the South Asian Federation Kazi Salahuddin, the East Asian Federation Chung Mong and the Southeast Asian Federation "ASEAN" Major General Khiev Samith.

His Highness valued the cooperation between the regional federations, which stressed the importance of its continuity and strengthening, and highly appreciated the great support provided by the Asian Confederation to the regional federations after its official recognition, which prompted more work to serve the member associations in the Asian continent.

In the letter, His Highness conveyed the congratulations of the WAFF on Christmas and new year, stressing that everyone is looking at 2022 with optimism and hope, in conjunction with more joint cooperation between all regional federations.

His Highness did not deny that the years 2020 and 2021 posed a great challenge to the regional associations due to the Corona pandemic, which prevented the implementation of a number of their programs and plans, but he expressed his optimism about the future and that "the worst has passed and has been overcome", and that the next year will be full of prosperity and success for the Asian football family.