WAFF Concludes it's Security Officers Workshop

Wednesday 17/03/2021
The West Asian Football Federation (WAFF) organized a workshop to prepare security officers on Monday, March 15, 2021. 

The workshop was held via video-conference, under the supervision of Mohamed Mazen Dakouri from Syria, the AFC Security Officer, and with the presence of 80 participants representing their member associations. 

Moreover, the workshop covered Dakouri's definition of the security officer, and the qualities, competencies, and skills required to be within this field, and he explained the concept of stadium security in general and the challenges facing this matter, the necessity of assessing risks and developing a safe and strong plan for fan management in matches and reviewed the most important elements for the success of the security measures for the match. 

He also presented the role of the security officer in matches, the duties entrusted to him/her and the tasks that must be performed and focused on, specifically before, during and after the match, and all the minute details. In addition to that, he referred to the participatory relationship that links the security officers with the rest of the team responsible for match organization and the importance of coordination and communication among all. He stressed that the presence of the security officer has become an urgent necessity to hold matches with a decent organizational manner that complies with all instructions and regulations. 

Dakouri also talked about the role of the security officer in the protocol for the resumption of football activities during the Covid-19 pandemic that is spreading across the world, and the security and safety measures taken to organize matches as well as the changes that have occurred to them due to the repercussions of the pandemic. 

During the workshop, Jassim Al Kaabi, Director of Security at the AFC Champions League Organizing Committee, whose competitions were hosted by Qatar Football Association in a centralized format not too long ago, presented the experience of the Qatar Football Association in organizing the tournament matches in accordance with the health protocol of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the work plans that were approved in accordance with the highest security standards and including FIFA and AFC requirements in the stadiums. 

It is noteworthy that, since the beginning of 2009, FIFA had imposed on all national associations to designate security coordinators in accordance with Article 17 of the rules on public safety. 

The workshop witnessed many questions and inquiries presented by the participants, which Dakouri was keen to answer, in addition to various discussions in regard to the events and themes of the workshop. 

At the beginning of the workshop, the Director of Administrative Affairs at WAFF, Orouba Al Hussaini, conveyed the welcome to Dakouri and all the participants and noted the importance of this workshop, which comes within the series of administrative activities that the WAFF is keen to organize in various fields, seeking to develop all the pillars of football and create a platform for the transfer and exchange of knowledge and experiences. 

She also appreciated the keenness of Dakouri, the supervisor of the workshop to respond to the transfer of his accumulated experience in the field of security coordination and wished the participants to invest in this workshop and obtain the desired benefit from it, given the importance of the role of the security officer, who has become a major and a prerequisite for organizing matches and tournaments according to the regulations, and confirmed the WAFF appreciation for all member associations in the region for its interaction with the activities of WAFF and the harnessing of its administrative expertise to serve the development programs and the permanent joint work between them.