WAFF Connects Iraq Football Association with La Liga

Tuesday 20/10/2020

The West Asian Football Federation (WAFF) held a meeting during which the La Liga was put in contact with Iraq Football Association, in a move to open the door for coordination between the two parties in the future.

The meeting was held via video conference and it came in implementation of the outcomes of the coordination meeting that WAFF had held with Iraq FA earlier, in the presence of Abeer Rantisi, Head of Competitions, Orouba Al-Husseini, Head of Administrative Affairs, Bana Al Bitar, head of marketing at the WAFF, and Dr. Azhar Muhammad, Chairman of the Women's Committee at Iraq FA. From La Liga, many women’s football officials and administrators participated including Maiti Ventura, Pedro Sanchez, Ignacio Toro, Virginia Herrero, Guermo Heredia and Danielle Cabalero.

The meeting aimed to inform Iraq FA about La Liga’s experience in women's football, and to benefit from it to develop this sector. WAFF was also keen to be a mediator in arranging this meeting due to the cooperation agreement between itself and La Liga, and within its responsibility towards all components of football in the region, including specifically the women's sector, which is witnessing a remarkable acceleration in the region, and enjoys a large area of plans and programs for Member Associations.

Iraq Football Association presented its agenda of programs and activities related to women's football that it still has in its infancy stage, what has been implemented thereof, the problems that hinder its growth, and the plans that contribute to its development by increasing their segment of practitioners and providing the requirements for establishing its competitions on a larger scale. The two parties also discussed how to create strategies that help develop the associated pillars, whether at the level of players, refereeing, management and marketing, as well as how to motivate females of different age groups to practice football.

In return, La Liga expressed its willingness to harness its expertise to serve women's football in Iraq and to transfer its experiences to contribute to the advancement of this sector there, by providing help when developing future strategies and programs, and the mechanism for implementing them according to a clear timeline that achieves the desired goals.

La Liga and Iraq FA agreed to consider this meeting as a real starting point for coordination and cooperation between them in the future, while WAFF affirmed at the same time its full readiness to provide the necessary support and to keep the door to communication with Iraq FA and all Member Associations open.