WAFF Organizes a Female Grassroots Workshop

Friday 25/09/2020

The West Asian Football Federation (WAFF) is organizing a Female Grassroots Workshop on the 30th of September.

The workshop, which is held via video conference from 10:00 am until 13:00 pm, is a continuation of the plan and programs of WAFF to hold workshops related to women’s football in the region, within its strategy to develop women's football, in addition to help it’s member associations to develop successful strategies in female grassroots. 

Moreover, Masahiro Sugi Yama, the representative of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), will attend this workshop to talk about the female grassroots program in the continent, and the workshop will also include two presentations by representatives of the Jordan Football Association and the Lebanon Football Association to outline their female grassroots experience, with the aim of exchanging ideas and different models between the various member associations.

WAFF asked its member associations to nominate three representatives within the women’s football committee or female grassroots department to attend the workshop. Therefore, it is expected that the workshop will witness a wide attendance.