WAFF & Qatar FA Confirm the Joint Cooperation

Monday 24/08/2020

Khalil Al Salem, General Secretary of the West Asian Football Federation (WAFF) and Mansour Al Ansari, the General Secretary of the Qatar Football Association, affirmed the joint cooperation between the two parties on various levels and aspects.

Al Salem assured in a meeting with Al Ansari via video conference, WAFF’s readiness to provide all of its capabilities to Qatar FA, which is preparing to host very important events and tournaments in the coming period, on the top of which is the World Cup scheduled for 2022, and that’s based on its mission, which always focuses on supporting any trends that contribute to the development of football in the region.

Furthermore, Al Salem expressed the pride of WAFF in Qatar's preparation for the World Cup, at the same time, he stressed that the success of this major event is a joint responsibility that requires harnessing all efforts and support.

Meanwhile, he considered that the state of Qatar's possession of sufficient experience and great capabilities at the level of organizing or hosting the largest sporting events ensures that the world is on a date with an exceptional and distinctive World Cup.

Additionally, Al Ansari referred to the active role that WAFF provides at the regional and local levels in the Member Associations, and indicated that the various programs, activities, and tournaments it organizes push towards accelerating the pace of progress and advancing football in its various components.

Also, they talked about the activities in the next stage and the difficulties that appeared in the last period due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its repercussions. Therefore, Al Salem reviewed the rescheduled competitions in WAFF’s agenda for 2020, and he focused on the 10th WAFF Men Championship that will be hosted by UAE FA which was agreed to be postponed to another date that suits the upcoming developments and the commitments of the 12 Member Associations participating in it.

Moreover, Al Ansari revealed the features of the agenda of the Qatar FA and the events and tournaments it contains, and what its teams and clubs await in terms of benefits in the coming period, specifically, the preparation of the Men National Team to participate in the next edition of Copa America before appearing in the Arab International Championship in the end of 2021 and then attending the most important event represented by the World Cup 2022.

Both Al Salem and Al Ansari agreed on the importance of continuing communication and joint coordination between the two parties, and enhancing means of cooperation, exchanging experiences and using them, specifically, when WAFF organizing workshops and training courses, in addition to Qatar FA hosting an upcoming regional championship.