WAFF and Sportradar Discuss Possible Coordination to Fight Match-fixing

Sunday 02/08/2020

Khalil Al Salem, the General Secretary of the West Asian Football Federation (WAFF), held a meeting via video with the manager of the integrity department at "Sport Radar" company which its main concern is to combat corruption in sports and the manipulation of match results.

Al Salem affirmed that WAFF, which has always shown a great interest in sports integrity, is keen to maintain its communication with the concerned authorities in this regard. WAFF also emphasizes on the importance of staying up to date with the developments that affect the integrity of sports.

Al Salem considered that the current situation is likely to cause a rise in sports corruption. The COVID-19 pandemic caused a decrease in financial returns in many aspects of the game, after the compulsory stop that world football was subjected to.

Al Salem ensures the pioneer role of WAFF in applying standards of sporting integrity. He warned the consequences of breaking the concepts of transparency and fair play based on the federation’s comprehensive responsibility in the region and the continent alike.

The general secretary also stressed the importance of alerting to any corruption suspicions that may appear with the come back of football.