WAFF and UAE FA Agree on a New Date for the 10th WAFF Men Championship

Monday 02/08/2021
Khalil Al Salem, the General Secretary of the West Asian Football Federation (WAFF), and Muhammad Abdullah Hazam Al Thaheri, General Secretary of UAE Football Association, discussed developments related to all regional, continental and international dates to reach a consensus formula on the date of holding the 10th WAFF Men Championship scheduled to be hosted by UAE FA. 

Al Salem and Al Thaheri held a coordination meeting on Monday, July 26, 2021, during which they reviewed all the benefits that were reprogrammed in light of the gradual return to football at all levels, after forced stops and postponements imposed by the Corona pandemic. 

Meanwhile, WAFF and UAE FA  agreed to set a new date for the tournament to be held from March 20 to April 2, 2023, after presenting it to the member associations. 

The new date took into account more commitments to the national teams in the region at the international and continental levels, especially the participation of many of them in the final round of the Asian qualifiers for the FIFA World Cup - Qatar 2022, whose matches will be held from September 2021 to March 2022, in addition to the play-off to be held in June 2022, with a large number of teams in the region committed to appearing in the final round of qualifiers for the AFC Asian Cup - China 2023. 

At the same time, the date allows the region’s teams to invest in the 10th WAFF Men Championship to prepare in conjunction with the competition, before participating in the Asian Cup finals to be held in China during the months of June and July of the same year, especially in light of the qualification of six teams from the region so far to the continental finals and the possibility of the number increasing further after the end of the second round of qualifiers. 

In addition, the date of the tournament was chosen to coincide with the days allotted by FIFA to play official matches, and thus the ability of the teams to call all their professionals, which increases their competitive value and enhances their feasibility as an important preparatory station before the 2023 Asian Cup. 

The time period from now until the date of the tournament will also contribute to the completion of administrative and logistical arrangements at the highest level, specifically in relation to its marketing and promotion in a manner equal to its artistic and historical value. 

In addition, Al Thaheri reiterated the keenness of the UAE FA to host the tournament according to the highest organizational standards, and to provide all requirements for its success. Continuity of its programs despite the challenges posed by the Corona pandemic. 

In turn, Al Salem conveyed the appreciation of WAFF to UAE FA and reiterated his thanks for all the efforts made by the federation at various levels, and for its permanent interaction with the WAFF and its contributions to the development of football in the region in general. He also praised his harnessing of his potential for the tournament, and at the same time affirmed the confidence of WAFF in its successful organization by the UAE FA, which has always hosted with distinction many Arab, continental and international events and forums.