eWAFF Invitational Technical Meeting and Draw Ceremony

Tuesday 06/04/2021
On Monday, March 22, 2021, a technical meeting for the eWAFF  Invitational was held to launch the invitational on April 2, 2021. 

During the meeting, which was held via video-conference, attended by representatives of the participating member associations and the organizers , Abeer Rantisi, Director of Competitions at WAFF, explained the technical instructions, general requirements, and displayed the match schedule. 

Rantisi revealed the mechanism for conducting the draw, which will be held at noon on Tuesday, March 23, 2021, through a live broadcast on the official WAFF YouTube channel, from the headquarters of Zain eSports - Jordan.

The invitational is held with the participation of Saudi Arabia Football Federation, UAE Football Association, Qatar Football Association, and Kuwait Football Association, which are included on the approved FIFA list for electronic games. 

The invitational falls under FIFA’s umbrella and during the FIFA days of eFriendlies, so that it serves as a preparatory tournament for the member associations and their players before participating in the FIFAe Nations Cup that will be organized by FIFA this year. 

Moreover, Rantisi announced the amendment of the tournament system so that the 1v1 system will be adopted in all matches, in line with FIFA’s regulation to adopt this system in the 2021 FIFAe Nations, given the current conditions in light of the Corona pandemic. 

In addition, each team must designate two players for each of the PlayStation and X-Box platforms, so that each team in each match represents a main player and a reserve player, and each team must provide WAFF with the name of the main player on each platform one hour before the start of the first match. In the event of any switch between players, WAFF must be informed 15 minutes before the start of the match, and the team has the right to make the substitution only before the match, and the team cannot make any substitution between players during the match. 

Players are only allowed to use the names of the official teams without any additions, while the match is played in the Ultimate Team mode at a rate of 6 minutes per game at normal speed, with modified tactics allowed and the modified lineup is not allowed, and the general settings for the control hand are determined, and the administrator is allowed to be present in the venue with one person with players during official matches, as well as for the coach, manager, or substitute players. 

Furthermore, Rantisi indicated that FIFA will provide WAFF with accounts on the PS4 and the X-Box one or two days before the start of the tournament so that the players can form their teams to participate. 

In turn, Muhammad Kanakri from Zain eSports - Jordan reviewed the technical requirements of the tournament, most notably the necessity for players to provide the broadcast signal to WAFF, and to operate the camera while the match is broadcasted, and headphones and a microphone are required for post-match interviews and to be present during the test broadcast, which is scheduled for March 29, 2021.