Hassouna Explains the New Amendments to the Law of the Game

Saturday 07/08/2021

The FIFA and AFC lecturer Awni Hassouna explained the latest new amendments to the football law.

Hassouna briefed many of the referees’ lecturers participating in the workshop, regarding the amendments recently announced by the International Football Association Board (IFAB), the body responsible for the amendments, interpretations and clarifications of the Law of the Game for the 2021 season, during his supervision of the workshop organized by the West Asian Football Federation (WAFF) on Sunday, August 1, 2021, Amid the participation of a large number of representatives of the civil federations in the region.

The workshop focused on several axes, including the hand touch and its new amendments that resolved some of the controversies that accompanied the calculation process, and about overtime and how to determine and announce it, as well as about the VAR video assistant referee technology, its new protocol, and the licensing mechanism that will be within the responsibility of the International Football Association directly.

Hassouna dealt with the amendments to article 12 of the law regarding penalty kicks and direct free kicks by reviewing the errors that should be counted or not, in addition to making presentations on some cases and situations in the matches in conjunction with an extensive discussion and dialogue about them between him and the participants.

In addition, Orouba Al Husseini the Director of Administrative Affairs of WAFF, conveyed the welcome of the Federation and its General Secretary Khalil Al Salem to the lecturer Hassouna and highly appreciated his supervision of the workshop, which comes as an extension of a series of cooperation with him, especially with regard to all aspects related to the referees matter, At the same time, she expressed the Federation's gratitude for the valuable information it provided, which contributes greatly to the development of the referees system and its personnel in the West Asian region.

Al Husseini also thanked all the participants for their keenness to attend the workshop and for their interaction with its activities and conveyed to them the wishes of the Union to obtain the desired benefit from it, which will thus reflect on their practical path.

The workshop came in the context of the activities, workshops, and training courses that the WAFF has been holding on all football fields to provide periodic educational and development platforms.