Amal Jamal is the First Referee in the UAE Arabian Gulf League

Tuesday 11/05/2021
The UAE Football Association continues to record countless achievements, development and perseverance are a title that accompanies the association at all levels, leading to the referee sector headed by the FIFA and AFC Referees Instructor and Assessor at the UAE Football Association, Ali Al Tarifi. 

The support and continuous work over many years has recently reaped its first achievement  after the international assistant referee Amal Jamal became the first Emirati woman in men's competitions, to become a member of the refereeing teams in the men's first division and the Arab Gulf League (under 21 years) for men, as well as being nominated for the 2021 International Referee Badge. 

Amal Jamal considered that this experience posed a great challenge to society to prove that women are able to manage men's matches and that there are no teams in terms of technical and physical level, noting that the UAE Football Association gave her all confidence based on her readiness. 

She talked about her ambition in the field of refereeing, which is raising the name of UAE in international entitlements, leading matches in the World Cup and becoming one of the elite referees within UAE, stressing that this step will open the door for all females to enter the world of arbitration. 

Bou Shalakh: Guidance of the Wise Leadership for Improving the Level of Referees 

Concurrently, the UAE Football Association Women's Committee, led by Amal Bou Shalakh, in cooperation with the referees and other departments and committees, makes great efforts to encourage and support female referees to progress, develop, and engage in this field. 

In this context, Bou  Shalakh confirmed that the board of directors of the UAE Football Association, headed by Sheikh Rashid Bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, has set specific directives for the referees sector, namely the development of all UAE football members and the provision of all capabilities and support required for the association committees to achieve the desired goals, noting the importance of concerted efforts by everyone to maintain their levels and raising them to the top in order to continue achieving successes in the popular game that is watched by millions around the world. 

Bou Shalakh said that what Amal Jamal achieved was the result of her passing several steps through which she was able to prove her abilities and to continue her work successfully, including physical and technical exercises, weekly tests, internal and external camps, training courses, periodic workshops, as well as evaluating officials of the referees management of the technical levels they provide after each round of local competitions. 

The member of the Board of Directors of the UAE Football Association revealed that work is currently underway to prepare the international Amal Jamal for to the  highest UAE championships for professional clubs in the next sports season, in continuous coordination of the Women's Committee with the various departments and committees. 

The UAE Football Association has developed an international action plan for women’s referees, which is to prepare international referee Kholoud Khadoum Al Zaabi, a candidate as assistant video referee in the 2023 World Cup for Women, and to participate in the development program that will be organized by the FIFA Referees Committee during the coming period, in addition to her official assignment in the current season to manage age-group competitions and as an assistant video referee, "offline" in the matches of the Arab Gulf League (under 21 years), with the aim of meeting the requirements of FIFA and assigning her officially to the referees teams in the World Cup. 

Female referees have a role in futsal as well, which is also of great importance within the UAE Football Association, where the assistant referee Najat Al Balushi presented a notable technical level during her official participation in the management of the matches of the Futsal League that concluded during the past days, and she is also currently being prepared as a video assistant (VAR) as Bou Shalakh confirmed.