Great Interaction at the International Sports Betting, Anti-Match Fixing, and Social Media Integrity Workshop

Saturday 10/07/2021
The workshop organized by the West Asian Football Federation (WAFF) and Sportradar Integrity Services regarding integrity and match-fixing witnessed a great interaction from the participants who represented all the member associations and the relevant authorities and bodies within West Asia.

The participants in the workshop were keen to interact with the lecturers from Sportradar, with lively discussions held across a range of topics, including the sharing of personal experiences, and reflections on match-fixing cases that have affected the world of football in recent times.

WAFF and Sportradar were keen to organize this workshop in the context of the agreement concluded between them, specifically to provide educational materials on the main topics related to international sports betting and match-fixing. 

The workshop, which was held via video conference on July 6th, 2021, included comprehensive presentations on integrity and transparency in football, and examples of situations that could increase the risk of match-fixing, the various preventive measures available to tackle this, and what stakeholders in sport are using to combat sports corruption in general.

The workshop was hosted by Sportradar representative Diaa Salah, who lectured on many topics related to sports betting and sports integrity, including social media best practices, and ways to fulfill integrity obligations both on and off the field of play.

In his turn, Khalil Al Salem, the General Secretary of WAFF, thanked Sportradar for their cooperation and leading educational and supervisory role in the world of sporting integrity, and their drive to harness their expertise in protecting football and sports from corruption.