WAFF Referees Instructors Preparatory Workshop Concludes with Great Participation

Sunday 27/06/2021
On June 22, 2021, the workshop for the preparation of football referees was concluded, after a series of diverse and comprehensive lectures. 

The West Asian Federation (WAFF)  held this workshop for 3 continuous days, and it came within the scope of a series of programs and activities targeting all administrative sectors, in its belief in its role and responsibility towards developing football in the West Asian region, qualifying staff skills and providing space for them to gain the necessary expertise. 

Ali Al Tarifi, the international lecturer, supervised the workshop, which was held via video conference, and witnessed the participation of: Raymond Oliveira (England), the referees advisor in the Asian Football Confederation, Fernando Garcia (Spain), head of the referees committee in the Saudi Football Association, Ismail Al Hafi (Jordan), the international and Asian lecturer, and Michelle Ananias (Palestine) the Asian lecturer. 

Furthermore, Khalil Al Salem, General Secretary of WAFF, pointed out the importance of the workshop, as it dealt with axes related to a major sector in the football system, and revealed that the federation has been holding referees activities to empower its cadres and workers, which reflects positively on themselves, their civil associations and the West Asia region This also contributes to strengthening their presence at the continental and international levels. 

Meanwhile, Al Salem conveyed his great appreciation to all the lecturers in the workshop, and stressed that their participation had enriched the events in comparison with the great experiences they had at the referees level, and the value of the valuable information they conveyed to the participants, who in return thanked them for their keenness to attend the workshop and wished them to benefit as much as possible from the axes it included. In turn, Al Tarifi thanked WAFF for its response to holding this workshop and the targeted development programs, and expressed his appreciation for WAFF’s interest in the referees sector, which he considered a permanent priority compared to his main role in football, and expressed his deep appreciation to all the lecturers who have accumulated experiences They spared no effort and time in conveying it to the participants. 

The first day of the workshop witnessed lectures on teaching methodology given by Raymond Oliveira, as well as another lecture on the importance of the refereeing lecturer given by Michel Hanania, while Fernando Garcia gave a lecture on the second day entitled "How to become a good lecturer?” After that, Al Tarifi addressed a topic on how Prepare presentation and lecture. 

As well, the third and last day of the workshop was devoted to presenting a lecture on how to analyze the conditions of matches, in addition to that, it was interspersed with presentations prepared by a number of participants, beside  to an extensive discussion between the lecturers and participants and many inquiries about the content of the workshop, before Orouba Al Husseini, the Director of Administrative Affairs at WAFF, conveyed appreciation and thanks for the Lecturers and Workshop Participants.